CRYPTOARTIST SINCE 2017 | yusaymon.eth | yusaymon.tez | 🇻🇪 🌊 My artistic journey began amidst the tumult of a challenging childhood, where I sought refuge in the act of sketching on repurposed materials at the tender age of 9. Surrounded by domestic turmoil and financial hardship, I found solace in the strokes of my pencil. Influenced by the teachings of the Church, my aspiration to pursue painting was ignited by witnessing my stepfather's remarkable transition from a troubled past to a beacon of spiritual guidance. As I delved into the realms of Graphic Design, Computers, and community involvement, my path seemed set. However, the economic downturn in Venezuela in 2016 plunged me into a period of profound despair marked by unemployment and the dissolution of personal relationships. Determined to overcome adversity, I embarked on a transformative journey across the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina. It was there that my artworks began to garner recognition and appreciation. Undaunted by criticism, I embraced my imperfections, using them as catalysts for growth and resilience. Despite encountering setbacks, such as a hacking incident in 2021, I remained steadfast in my commitment to my craft. Channeling my personal struggles and demons into my art, I transcended challenges and emerged stronger than ever before. Since 2017 in different blockchains, I merged abstract, neo-expressionism, traditional, and digital art with some 3D modeling glitches. My Ethereum collection transforms each acquisition into a captivating odyssey, leaving messages in Web 3 history. Through my art, I continue to weave narratives that transcend boundaries and inspire others to embrace their own journeys of growth and self-discovery.