Cracking the Matrix: A 20 year Journey of Resilience and Self-Discovery

It is amazing to see the strength and resilience of someone like Job, who despite facing immense hardships, remained steadfast and eventually found happiness.

It serves as a powerful reminder that we too can overcome our struggles and find joy in the midst of adversity.

My journey towards a better place is a "proof of work" or "proof of stake"?

It is possible to find happiness and fulfillment even in the face of challenges, let me tell you my weekly "inner-thought"

For the first time in my life i would like to be transparent, be real* be my-self and stop hiding behind a "mask-of-grief" or behind any kind of mask my schizophrenic nature could invent in order to keep the balance in a "crazy-mad-world"

This past month has been absurdly busy, but I never would have guessed that I'd feel so fulfilled from my music work.

My life has been a roller-coaster for the past 20 years, especially after losing my youngest daughter Lene.

I turned to meditation, spending 20 years with #Ganesha every day, finding myself in the process.

“I once considered myself a fool, but I poured my soul into that song, truly believing it could make a difference. Now, I can’t quite explain how it happened, but it turns out that it worked.”

I had a phone call with my eldest daughter, she live in USA, and she has 2 beautiful daughter, the first time this thought about Job hit me, was when i wrote the first song for a newly born girl,my first granddaughter Daphne.

For the first time after 20 long years i was able to see the miracle of life...

It was amazing, my soul started thinking about "life" what is it?
So i wrote several songs, talking about my life trying to find out who i was, try to explain people that the real me was different, but didn't really worked..

It was a roller coaster till the day i knew it from my earth.. do not question what life is, question yourself how to align your will with the will of the universe, wait, look at the sky, look for a sign.... feel your self for who you are and not for who you would like to be....

Today i'm here, just hang up the phone after a call with a guy who would like to produce a show in Verona, i would be the executive producer.. what else ask in life, my songs are going well, signed a contract for the streaming of my song on 4000 beaches all over Italy for 3 months, in September another show, the blocktunes idea is sky rocking, today i was on the phone with 2 producers for the distribution of 5000 titles on the block, my granddaughters are beautiful and life can be good if you can crack the fucking matrix, i need it almost 20 years.. but man I'm back still standing against the wind but stronger then ever.
It feels kinda weird to talk about it, but I can't believe how far I've come.

I've had this dream since I was 16, and now I'm making it a reality, despite being nearly broke.

But I've never given up, and now I feel more fulfilled than ever before.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, intentionally or not.
Keep pushing forward and making a positive impact on the world.


this is so amazing you're finally seeing things progress.
am super happy for you and I trust you'll find success in all you do.
remember, the goal is to feel happy, regardless of anything that happens in life.


the goal is to feel happy, regardless of anything that happens in life,, So real your words.. thank you 😍