How Music Fans Can Earn by Curating on the Hive Blockchain

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As a music fan, you likely have a passion for discovering new artists and supporting your favorite independent musicians. But did you know that you can also earn by curating content on the Hive blockchain? If you are not a member already and found this post from the outer reaches of the internet, Hive is a decentralized social media platform that allows content creators to monetize their work through a cryptocurrency called Hive.

By curating content on Hive, you can earn various cryptocurrencies while also supporting the music community. Does any of the other services out there pay YOU to listen to music and interact with the artists? Nope, you have to pay them for the privilage of listening to the music! Who knows, you may end up finding out about the other communities out there that you can get involved with as well!

What is curating on Hive?

Curating on Hive refers to the process of finding and promoting quality content on the platform. When you curate content, you are essentially voting for the content that you think is the best. The more votes a piece of content receives, the more visibility and rewards it earns. As a curator, you also earn a small portion of the rewards for the content that you vote for.

Why is curating important for the music community on Hive?

Curating on Hive is important for the music community because it helps to promote and support quality content. When you curate music content, you are helping to ensure that the best music is seen by the most people. This can help to promote new and emerging artists, as well as established musicians.

When you stake Hive and the MUSIC token, you are building your voting power in the system. More voting power you have, the more say you have in the distribution of post rewards, as well as governance in the platform!

How to get started with curating on Hive

To get started with curating on Hive, you'll need to create an account and start finding content that you enjoy. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Click here to create an account on the Hiveonboard website. You will need a little bit of Hive staked as Hive power to use the system as that gives you resource credits to use the network, amoung other uses. If you need help getting started you can contact us in our Discord or hit us up on Twitter and we can help russle up some delegation of Hive Power to send your way to help get you up and running! Once you have earned enough to use the system on your own, we will take our temporary delegation back and you will be off and running! If you already have some crypto like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you can use an exchange like to exchange it for Hive and start your own stack!
  1. Once you are all signed up with an account, you can start exploring the different music on Hive using out BlockTunes front end which a site built on top of the Hive blockchain that is dedicated to music. You will find that there are many different communities and websites that connect with the Hive blockchain. Blocktunes is just one of them. You may end up also finding other niches to get involved with! There is a little something for just about everyone!

  2. Find content that you enjoy and vote for it. Unlike other social media networks, when you 'like' or what we call upvote a post, you are telling the blockchain and the community that you like that content and think it is worthy of earning some rewards. The more you have staked, the more your vote is worth. The vote weight scales from 0-100% voting power. The higher the percentage, the more that is distributed.

  3. Share your favorite content with your own followers to help promote it. There is a feature on Blocktunes and other Hive interfaces that allows you to reblog content. This will share that content on your blog so that your audience can also check it out.

  4. Continue to curate regularly to maximize the rewards you can earn. The more you get engaged, the more you earn. When you comment, the blockchain sees that as a 'post' in which you can also get rewards for your comments! If you give really good feedback, not only the author, but other people in the community may find it valuable and upvote it as well! It's social media that can build you a nest egg!

Curating on Hive is a great way for music fans and artists to earn cryptocurrency while also supporting the music community. By finding and promoting quality music content, you can help to promote new and emerging artists, as well as established musicians. Give it a try and see how you can make an impact on the Hive music community while earning rewards. There are people making side hustles and careers just out of curating on the blockchain. The more you make, the more you stake, the more you make... and you get the picture!

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Awesome, I am creating a music post each week and try to curate also to earn music tokens. Great work on this project!