Dreamscape Is Now Available For Streaming On Spotify And Other Major Networks

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Thanks to the @blocktunes release service, I am beginning to release a backlog of albums and singles that I have been working on throughout the years. Dreamscape is a full 10-song album that I have been working on off and on since 2017 and finally have it finished up and out to the world!

All of the songs are tuned to 432 Hz frequency which is scientifically known as a healing frequency, so when you listen to it, it should make you feel good on the inside as well as give you a lovely eargasim!

It is more of a downtempo feel from what my listeners have heard from me, with a bit of melodic dubstep sprinkled in.

So, if you stream using Spotify, then you should go give me a follow and check out the new album!


You can also stream it or purchase directly from BlockTunes!

I am really excited to FINALLY get this and other tunes out to the mainstream!

You will also find it on Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, and more!

If you are a musician, you should come check out @blocktunes and visit the main site for all the information! But, all you need to get started is a Hive blockchain account!

Keep calm and groove on!



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