My Musical Sunday School Sessions - "Let´sTalk About Sin Baby"


Last week we talked about Holy Mary, not the mother but the wife.

Those must have been confusing times when Jesus was at home and called for Mary and both women would answer....

Today we´ll do something dirty, we will talk about sin and all that good jazz.

We Are All Sinners

You might not want to hear it Dear Reader, but you are a sinner.

4th ream.jpg

That is of course if you divine Sin as a violation of divine or moral law. The general understanding is that Sin involves actions, thoughts, or behaviors deemed morally wrong or harmful.

Based on my research I have found no shred of evidence that the notion of Sin is something we are born with. Yet, looking back at what I wrote last week, I do believe that humans at their core are more good than bad from a sinful perspective.

Now that might be addressed to our so-called moral compass, but when I think about thy should not kill and combine that with cultural cannibalism....I think that compass is just another cultural tool.

Hence I do believe that humankind is supposedly more kind than evil, but that the concept of sin as we know it is fabricated.


Mankind has one goal and that is to survive. To do so our species tends to dominate each other and other species. This I expect originates from our intention to ensure our own survival. In a world where every day is a struggle to ensure survival, there is no room for sin.

Sin comes after the storm when everything calms down, when reflection and realization are merged with the need for stability and one single source of power.

Part of me thinks Sin was called into existence to dominate mankind by making them feel small and unworthy. While at the same time, those sins would protect and support those in power.

This might sound strange, but I will explain in a bit.
But before I do that, let´s look once more at my favorite teachings in Maria´s gospel...

The Four Realms of Divinity and especially that third realm....that most difficult of levels where humans will struggle, where they are caught between the flesh and the divine.

Judge not’ [cf. Matt. 7:1]. And the soul said, ‘Why do you judge me, when I judged not? I was bound, though I did not bind. I was not recognized, but I recognized that all will go free, things both earthly and heavenly.’ After the soul had left the third power behind, it rose upward, and saw the fourth power, which had seven forms. The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth the arousing of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the wisdom of the folly of the flesh, the seventh is wrathful wisdom. These are the seven participants in wrath.

I translated that into the Seven Wraths, which I shared with you last time:

My Musical Sunday School Sessions - Hail Mary The Harlot

The Seven Wraths

To enter the divine realm one should overcome the seven wraths

  1. Ignorance and Spiritual Blindness

  2. Desire and Attachment

  3. Ego and Self-Identification

  4. Fear and Doubt

  5. Anger and Resentment

  6. Pride and Arrogance

  7. Delusion and Distraction

You may not see it yet, but these are seven lessons that one needs to learn to grow as a soul, and they have been bastardized and abused to take control over mankind. These lessons are largely the basis

Sin, and the Seven Deadly Ones

Those seven sins were a theological concept before they became popular, but it was Pope Gregory I in the 6th century, who took it upon him to make it a thing. And let that just be the same guy that called Mary of Magdalen a harlot.

I might have to dig into his story because it feels like I don´t like this character too much, but I will need to substantiate that opinion.

Just remember that the bible does not list these sins as such and that the list of seven deadly sins became popular in the medieval era where the powers that be used teachings on sin and morality to spark fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They used dominating descriptions to ensure people would not revoke their powers and remained doing their bidding, while they themselves bathed in sin.


Pride: We have seen that one, and it is a simple human flaw but often considered the root of all sins, as it involves an excessive focus on oneself and an inflated sense of one's importance. This is a risk to the powers that be, because if you consider yourself important they lose importance, You are easier to manage when you consider yourself a useless piece of nothing,

Greed (Avarice): Greed involves an insatiable desire for wealth or possessions and an unwillingness to share with others. Well of course the powers that be will want you to believe that possession is a bad thing, but wasn´t letting go of earthly possessions one of the wraths?

Lust: Lust refers to an intense or unrestrained sexual desire or craving. The flesh is weak and as I mentioned in the seven wraths (Desire) definitely one of my personal shortcomings, but it´s only lust when it´s an unrestrained desire, not when it is balanced.

Envy: Envy involves resenting or feeling discontentment towards others' possessions, qualities, or success. Are you seeing the patterns? One should not envy having powers that the powers that be possess. And do not forget that envy is the ugly stepsister from the wrath of resentment.


Gluttony: Gluttony is the overindulgence or overconsumption of food or drink to the point of waste or excess. By not overindulging, you will not seek an abundance you don´t have, and if you do not have it, others can hold and enjoy it.

Wrath (Anger): Wrath also comes back in this little list and involves intense or violent anger another one from the wrath list Mary gave us. If you control your anger, you will not stand up against your oppressor, hopefully, you do plot against them

Sloth (Acedia): Sloth is used to refer to laziness, apathy, or neglecting one's responsibilities or spiritual duties. The harder you work, the less they pay you, but idle hands are the what they tell you so you dear human will make their lazy butts lots of money.

And again there is one of the seven wraths involved here, because by neglecting one's responsibilities and duties on the path to divinity often occurs when one gets Distracted by Delusions.

I am sure I am on to something there are too many lovely little connections between the wraths Mary mentioned and the sins Pope Gregory promoted.

Sins might be called into existence to keep us from wanting what they do not want us to have.....while the wraths are steps on a road to personal growth.

The way I see it is that someone tried to make smart use of the steps to growth to keep us small and feel bad about ourselves.

We are all human.
We are bound by our flesh in certain ways.
And we all have the potential to fulfill our desires which does not make us sinners, it makes us human, on the narrow path to an increased divinity.

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Thank goodness you made it till the end Pees, Love and I am out of here!

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Disclaimer One: The texts I use for these sessions are real, although like many scholars my ignorance and arrogance might cause me to misinterpret things, or explain things from my limited perspective. I therefore appreciate all critical feedback.

Disclaimer Two: I think everyone has a right to believe, and a right to disagree. I try to take a light philosophical approach and add some humor. If you're offended please check yourself, because being offended by something written by a simpleton as WhyWhy is a signal that you might have bigger issues.


Just yesterday I was talking to my friend about faith. It was just one of those days I'll voice out my thoughts over a certain topic using the patterns I have noticed because he's a good listener.

Today, you are making me feel as though the things I often think about are close to the truth but I am only afraid because society has made sure I don't utter these things or even try to live by them because they are sinful.

Even though we can see clearly that the things we want are reachable if only we take the risk of breaking the laws that the power that be created to enslave us, we wouldn't dare because we are afraid of something we can't explain to ourselves either.

Just so you know I am placing this post on a bookmark because starting today, you've made me understand the deepest part of life and I hope to always return, read it again, and do something positive about the knowledge I received.

Thank you for sharing.


I am very happy reading this because indeed I think we are enslaved by certain behaviors and ancient words that have been twisted in a way it does not benefit us.

It will keep us down instead of allowing us to be free, learn, and grow. We have been given free will for a reason, we don´t need to abuse it, but we can use it to see beyond what we are told.


I like that you said we don't need to abuse it. This is the part where we need to learn self-control so we don't abuse it when we have been able to free ourselves from these twisted lessons that were inculcated into us in the past.


Exactly find that balance but to do so we make mistakes and learn from it, or at least I do !LOLZ


Your definition of sin is quite different from what many (including me probably) will have to say, but I think I am begining to like it. If I am to speak as a Christian, morality and sin might not completely be same since there are some sin that are not necessarily amoral [if we are to consider it from the legal point of view]. That aside, I am yet to agree with the fact that a world characterised by struggles for survival will be void of sin; even sin as to morality.

It was nice coming across your post @whywhy, this is probably the most philosophical writing I have read in a long time.