Three Tune Tuesday Autumn in the city and in my heart


Good day dear mates it's time to my entry for #threetunetuesday sponsored by @ablaze . And as so as it's the middle of September on my calendar I started feel autumn in my heart.And of course there is music here. In my case I decided to use not only english speaking groups.
And in the first position I have the Ukrainian group Okean Elzy with their song Sosny direct link

This song not only makes me think about the fact that winter is coming soon, but also, being alone with myself, allows me to look inside myself. Sometimes you want to conduct introspection and analyze what has happened over the current time and how it can affect the future.
Moreover, if you know what the lyrics of the song are about and watch the video, they complement each other perfectly.

The second one song for my autumn mood is Green Day with their song Wake me up when September end. I remember how I heard it first time when I was studding in my university on Music Box tv channel and since that time it always plays in my heart at autumn time. I've heard several arrangements of this song, let's just say the classic version is closest to me. direct link

And finally, the last hero for today is Tequilajazzz band. with their song Theme of Last Summer. For me, the main thing in this song is that it gives hope that not everything is over, and soon there will be trains, bicycles and of course travels again direct link.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to hear this band live at a concert or rock festival, given the fact that the band went into exile. And now to get to their concert I have to go to another country.

So that's all for now. I hope you'll like this songs.
Stay tuned!
yours @travoved !


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