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Greetings my dear and appreciated friends, It is a real pleasure to greet you on this splendid day. I am delighted to welcome you to our new publication, where we will dive into my latest news related to our beloved game, Rising Star.

But before we dive into the details, I'd like to share with you some opinions and thoughts on recent musical happenings that are making waves in the music world. And in my personal case they have caught my attention. Without further ado, let's get started.


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My dear friends, in today's new order of musical news I tell you that Adexe and Nau, the Canarian brothers, recently released their new song or track, as you call it in your country. 😅. This one is called X AQUÍ X ALLÁ. I know for those who are English speakers this title may seem a bit strange, but from this side it makes sense. Well, that's what I think (). The truth is that after almost ten years in music, these guys are still one of the best in their genre, which by the way is classified as urban. Even now they are very popular in Spain and Latin America.

On the other hand, I tell you that a few months ago, Adexe and Nau took a break to recharge their batteries and bring something new to the table. According to what they said on social media, the thing was that they felt it was necessary to stop for a while. You know, a break. They also mentioned that they wanted to let the public breathe and come back with fresh ideas. And boy did they do it. Just a month and a half ago they released Fuente de los Deseos, a song that already showed a change in their style, and now they surprise us with X AQUÍ X ALLÁ. I honestly think that this break was very good because it allowed them to cultivate a little more creativity. 10/10 in that section in my opinion.

If you were wondering what the song is about or what its message is, here I will tell you. You should know that it talks about love and breakups, and it moves away a bit from its previous line as it is closer to pop, but without leaving aside its characteristic urban music. In addition, the release is accompanied by a video clip recorded in Madrid. This, as we say here, would be the icing on the cake.

By the way, to finish, X AQUÍ X ALLÁ is also a preview of what will probably be their fourth studio album. Let's remember that they haven't released an album since 2019, so there is a lot of expectation for this next work.

For all those who want to listen to this new proposal from Adexe and Nau, it is now available on all digital platforms.

Well, friends, that was the music news for today. I really hope you found it useful and that you liked it. Now, as usual, we move on to the next section of my posts to show you my progress in Rising Star.

Buying new cards in Rising Star.



New section friends, now it's time to talk about my latest acquisitions in our beloved game Rising Star. As usual in my blog, I obviously refer to new cards. In today's case, it will be 3 new cards that I have bought for my collection. Without further delay, I'm going to tell you all the details.


The first card I bought today is called: R301 Ava. Ava is a card that belongs to the category of rare cards in the people section. It gives me several things. The first is the fans, in this case it gives me a total of 125 fans, which is very good for me to continue growing the ones I have. If you have followed me from previous days you will know that my new goal is 13k of my own fans. On the other hand, it also gives me 100 skills. With this, the card is very complete because it provides a good level of both things. To finish with this card, I tell you that it also gives me about 3 luck points and about 3 more IM points.


Before telling you about the price, I want you to know that at the specific time of purchase, this was the most profitable card in the game since it offered one of the best quality-price ratios. The price that it cost me specifically in the game market was 8331 starbits, not bad right. The personalized phrase on this card is: “Ava listen to the ‘er drummin it’s insane”.


The next card I bought today is called: 93 Priya. This one is also different from the previous one because the previous one was rare and this one is common. But it offers me good features too. In this case, the important thing is the 10 fans that this card provides, because if it is bought in several batches it can make a big difference, even at the level of rare cards. Luckily, a friend of mine from the Rising Star community recently created a website that allows you to do this quickly and effectively. Before I forget, I must say that this card also provides 1 skill point. It's not much, but it's there and it's appreciated.


The price of this card is 1018 starbits, which is quite affordable, making it a good card for both beginners and those of us who have been playing the game for a while. And of course for veterans too, although they are more into buying epic cards haha. Just kidding. The phrase on this card is: “Need an ex-con for your band? Yeah, she’s got priya!”.


And so we come to the last card I bought just today. I'm referring to none other than MC Geezer 88. This card, as you can clearly see, is common. It offers me 2 things, 5 fan points and 5 skill points. Not bad for balancing the ego. The price it cost me was 941 starbits. The phrase on this card is: “East London geezer with the rhymes that’ll tease ya”.


My latest progress.

Well friends, to finish this post it’s time to talk about my latest progress in Rising star. From my current fans to other statistics. Without further ado I show them to you:

My current amount of skill is much higher than my amount of fans and ego together: 22187. I have made sure to have a firm skill base before buying many fans, that way I won’t have to struggle with ego for so long.

My current fans are: 12555. My luck increased to 1673. My IM also increased to 153. My total card collection has risen to 396, almost reaching 400. My level is 53 with 1362 XP/2650.


Well friends, that's all for today, but I'll be back soon with more. Greetings.


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