My Actifit Report Card: April 2, 2024 | Walking In Pain


I walk for health & enjoyment. As I get back to this activity, I would like to walk for a minimum of an hour each day & I'm shooting for 10,000 steps.

On This Walk......

I have come to terms with this walking thing.Trying to figure out how to get my 10,000 steps in has been a real task & seems to be getting more & more time consuming than I would like it to be. So, I will walk each day for not more than 1 hr 30 minutes, not what I thought I could originally do but eventually I believe that 10,000 steps in one hour is possible but, it’s just gonna take some time.

I had to cut my walk short again. Not only did I still have the pain in my thigh, but I think I laid in a bad position & my neck was hurting. It seemed that the more I walked, the worse the pain got and it moved up the back of my head. I still was determined to get a good walk in.

The Music That Moves Me

Adding some of the music I listened to today. As always, I start with what's playing when I start, & I’m changing to sharing just two songs, so of course I will share what brings me home.

On April 2nd it was 9:15am when I left the house and to start my walk off ‘She Thinks My Tractor Sexy’ by ‘Kenny Chesney’ was playing.

At 10:06am & 4993 steps, just 51 minutes later, still in pain but things are looking good as I approach home. The music that kept me stepping & brought me home was ‘Sam I am’ by ‘Sam The Beast’.

While I didn’t make it to 10,000 steps, I’m happy with my efforts. I know that with my daily activity I can make my 10,000 activity steps & still make my goals. For health reasons I have to find some new methods for getting activity points.

Where I Step At

I just want to share a couple of the areas I walk & try to help my count be a little higher.

Today, I’m sharing an area I call the school. This area is by a school close to my home & on my walking path. It’s the track that the school uses for their students gym activities & makes a good spot for walking around several times, it help’s to increase my count.

I show this from all 4 corners of the area, it’s about 75 ft long & 35 ft wide. Picture 1 shows from the first corner as I’m walking & where the corner of picture 2 (next to 1), this turns into where the corner of picture 3 is (under picture 1). If you look to the far diagonal corner of picture 3 you can see where the first corner is & just beyond that is the school buildings. In the corner of picture 4 (under picture 2), you get a better view of corner 2 at the far side of the picture. To square the area off, I’m back to corner 1 at the far side of picture 3. I walk around this area at least 2 times & when I’m feeling great I’ll walk it 3 0r 4 times. This is close to home, so when I leave here, I walk about another 75 ft or so & turn the corner to what I call the home stretch. Today I only walked this area once & that was so I could take the pics. Otherwise, I would have skipped it due to my pain.

Thanks for reading!! & Hope you enjoy the music!!

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Daily Activity, Walking


I know that when I hike, it is a relief to get off of the road to the trailhead where the ground is dirt. It's much easier on the body for sure.

Good job with your 6390 @actifit steps for the day. Take care!



I like walking through the neighborhood instead of on a track. Besides I get to see something besides the same circle & the same one or two buildings.



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