TTT - light weight pop and then something a little bit dirty...


My picks

Am back again! Listening to some new tunes is something that is good to do and I am starting to enjoy blogging about it. Here is another random selection of songs on my playlist. We have some lightweight pop this week then something dirty just to balance out the soul! I bet @stickupboys is doing some kind of classic legend...he needs to get down with some underground vibes....

Song 1

Come on, this is pure pop and shows you all I have a soft side....this is definitely the kind of pop that works for me! Great layers of sounds on this one and some cool production. Have a listen and play it to all the ladies....

Song 2

My next song by Bleachers is called "Tiny Moves" another bit of indie style pop for ya. Like the video of this one...some great vibes this one and good for the car for sure! But again for some reason I really do like the video....

Song 3

I can only listen to so much lightweight but pleasant pop music before I crave something dirty. If I was in another band I would fit right into this band. I got the look and the vibe fo realz....

Big up all the music in the world and the joy we get making and listening to it.


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