Equipment highlight- Moog Grandmother



Today I'm introducing the oldest member of the Stick Up Crew, our matriarch, the Moog Grandmother


Ain't she a beaut? Aside from out trusty MoogerFooger MF-101, this is our on only bit of Moog heaven, and divine it is too. Released in 2018 the Grandmother is sure to become a classic. She oozes Moog loveliness from every pore. Her oscillators are warm, rich and cuddly, but if you've been a naughty boy she can growl and scream like a banshee. Her filter and amp section are timeless, and the unusual addition of a spring reverb is a stroke of genius.
Yes, we love our grandmother


Technical Spec

I'm not gonna give you any. You don't know how your Grandmother works do you? But you still love her.


Current cost

Grandmothers are only going up in price, and they are going for around a thousand of your favourite monies now.

What we love about it

Absolutely everything! She is perfect in every way! Her voice, her looks, her knobs and buttons, her connectivity, her body, we love her!

Stick Up Boys rating: /10

If I only we could give an 11. Standing proud in an ocean of analog monosynths, Grandmother wears her multicoloured coat with a pride that is well-deserved. A classic in the making.

Big up all the music in the world!


the Stick Up Boys

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Love the Moog brand. They really make some great gear. Thanks for sharing! Promoting with some MUSIC tokens!

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