New instrumental song out now - Have you got your Bed Time Teddy?



So we are releasing lots of songs at the moment, we thought we would start getting some of our back catalogue out there as we have so many songs! We are also trying to release instrumentals and this is an instrumental of one of our songs.

Our newest tune out is an instrumental of our song "BTT". This is a song written by Brains @stickupmusic and unusually the original has his vocals as the lead, which is awesome to hear. It is a song that was written for some of the Stick Up Kids and the story of us making the official video for this tune is something of a piece of Stick Up Boys history and something we remember fondly! Anyway this is a cheeky electronic pop number with some uplifting synths and a steady back beat. It has a lovely break down and definitely gonna be uplifting track to have on in the background.


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