Two Diss Tracks Back on 74...


In the musical industry, this week has been a busy one.
In hip-hop for me, this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions.
The diss battle between two of the greatest hip-hop lyricists of our time really made fans choose sides. Fans who were hoping for a collaboration between these two musical gods ended up against each other, all in all that's the fun of hip-hop.

I'll explain it song by song...

Like That ~ Future, Metro booming & Kendrick Lamar

The Future and Metro booming collaboration album has been getting a lot of streams lately. These streams sadly hasn't been because of the two artists musical capabilities.

As good as they may be...

These streams go to one particular track on the album, the one track that has one verse which could light the matches on the hip-hop world, and it did.
Some Kendrick fans were pained that their artist wasn't called in the writing for one of the biggest hip-hop song of last year First Person Shooter sang by Jcole abd Drake, but apparently nobody was more pained than the artist himself.
And He made that known by dropping a sick verse sharing his feelings on the matter.
It was a great diss verse in my opinion, the bars were golden, bars that were left unanswered for a few days, until J.Cole shot back.

7 Minutes Drill ~ J.Cole

Everybody was still reeling from the unprovoked Kendrick Lamar diss, some were wondering if it'll be replied, some were wondering if it was worth replying. Drake had talked about it on a press conference and spoke of his indifference about it, J. Cole was nowhere to be seen.
No one knew what he was doing, till he dropped a new album.

Click Image to listen to the full album

Fans normally rushed this album, trying to guess what it meant. Not untill they reached the last song that they knew what J.Cole was doing when he was off the grid after the diss.
He was cooking!!!
7 minutes drill was a masterpiece as Cole expertly shot up to the challenge brought by Kendrick Lamar, quite different from how others viewed him as a pacifist in the game.

The song was an attack and a warning shot as Cole specified, a song to show he was ready to dance to whatever tune Kendrick would play.

More headlines came after J.Cole apologized for the song, saying how he hates dissing and felt like it's an unnecessary aspect in hip-hop which brews more hate and violence than necessary.

Some fans didn't like that...

Yet other's understood his point of view and called him matured, praising him for taking the high road on the matter.
(My comment on the matter would remain unknown for now)

Back on 74 ~ Jungle

This is a band that I heard recently, not even up to 48 hours ago😂.
I came across them as a friend dropped a music video on their WhatsApp status.
The Gap Commercial was something that everyone liked especially for the second guest.

Tyla... Such a pretty lass 😩

The song is a fun song that one would expect on a Sunday radio playlist. Catchy, warm and just beckons you to dance.
The choreography is catchy too!
This is the first song that I've heard of the band, hoping to go through their other albums too, and if it's as catchy as this one, well it might be a new musical love story 😍

These are my entry into #ttt a music initiative started by @ablaze....


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