The Lazy Week - EES Tunes


Is it the Second or the Third Tuesday of the month?

I forget πŸ˜…
They all seem to merge into a long playlist of music 🎢
The movement of three tunes every Tuesday has grown so huge that it's almost comical.

And why wouldn't it?

It's the perfect material for a quality short post, there are some random upvotes sparsely distributed here and there and the tunes entered each week have a chance of earning 5 or more HSBI.

Now I'm proud to say that since when I started posting under this tag, I've only missed a week twice.😌
Since the 22nd of August last year, that's 50 weeks of posting.

At least I've got the attendance record down pat....

Normally I always post with a theme in mind, usually talking about 3 songs that all point to a certain idea, but some Tuesdays, I'm incredibly lazy and just decide to go rogue talking about 3 random songs who made an impression on me the following week.
This is one of those lazy weeks πŸ˜‚.

Lazy Week Tunes

Now during this week, I listened to a wide range of artist's as usual and there were a few that the songs just blew my mind (β γƒ»β βˆ€β γƒ»β )

Unaccommodating ~ Eminem ft The Young M.A

Now normally, any track that Eminem is on is fire, yet no one would've expected these two controversial artists to come together to spit out gold.
The song Unaccommodating is one step above kamikaze, with lines and wordplay that would move you to simply pause and re-listen.
Eminem enlists Young M.A to discuss their Unaccommodating manner, especially to the press and media.

The Rainmaker ~ Earl Klugh

This is one tune that I don't know how it got in my Deezer's music list, but I'm so happy it did.

POV: Jazz have never sounded better.. eh @agmoore

This particular track is jazzy that has a bit of a classical side to it. Unlike the streets of New Orleans, you're left thinking about Italy, with girls dancing to speedy guitar music. It's invigorating 😍✨

Treat You Better ~ Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is one artist who is on my favorites list but his discovery hasn't bee listened by me.
Well this week, I decided to play one of his older songs and WOW!!, I can totally see why girls were/are head over hills for him.
Treat You Better, isn't a special song in any way other than the amount of emotion it carries.
I read somewhere that an artist has the ability to put his/her soul in their piece, rendering the viewer of such work completely moved by it.
I'm sure that's what happened here cause mehn... This was beautiful 😭

So that's about it from me today. Quite a unique bunch we have here πŸ˜ƒ. The genres of rap, jazz and pop in a post.
To make this a valid entry of course I have to call on the founder of the #ttt tag @ablaze.

See Y'all Later 🎢


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