Dreaming Of Love - My Favorites Song And Rising Star Game Progress


Rising Star Game Progress: Musical Journey Update


Greetings Rising Star community!

I'm excited to share the latest developments in my musical journey and Rising Star game progress. As I dive into the Local Mini Tour mission, I'm fully immersed in the vibrant world of Rising Star, striving to ascend to the coveted Band Edition. It's been a journey marked by challenges and triumphs, and I eagerly anticipate showcasing my musical talents on stage.

Profile Overview:

  • Fan: 23699
  • Luck: 2,816
  • Skill: 25152
  • IM: 426
  • Total Cards: 359

Missions Completed:

  • Illegal Busking: 65
  • Mid Week Support: 46
  • Licensed Busking: 10
  • Saturday Support: 18
  • Saturday Headline: 87
  • Radio Interview: 117
  • Radio Studio Session: 23
  • Shopping Mall Performance: 115
  • Local Festival Acoustic Tent: 30
  • Local Mini Tour Support: 257
  • Summer Breeze: 7
  • Basic Singing Lesson: 224
  • Guitar Lesson: 154
  • Piano Lesson: 14


Total Missions Completed: 1,405

Now there is available Run Rabbit Run mission until the 15th April. You can get limited seasonal card by doing this mission.
In my recent gameplay, I acquired 3 new cards from a pack I purchased. And I have 6% Ego in my profile now. I need to reduce it.


Curious about my musical journey? Explore my evolving tracks here and witness the progression firsthand. Joining the Rising Star community not only offers entertainment but also serves as a gateway to tangible rewards. If you haven't joined yet, consider using my referral link to become part of the rhythm!

Thank you for being a part of this musical odyssey. Your support fuels my passion.

Catch you on the Rising Star stage!

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Dreaming of You

[Even with my eyes closed, all I see is you in my mind
You've always been present in my thoughts, shaping my life
There's a feeling in my heart,
A melancholy that lingers

In my dreams, my love, it's you who reigns supreme
Who wanders into your dreams,
When my love occupies my every thought?
Who holds the key to your heart?

If I were by your side, my dearest, I'd keep my tears hidden
If I were comforted by the kindness I once sought refuge in, I'd find solace
There's a feeling in my heart,
A melancholy that lingers]


This song holds a special place in my heart. Introduced to me by a friend, it quickly became a favorite. We would often sing it together at gatherings, creating cherished memories. Sung by the talented artist "Si Thu Lwin," it captivated many with its beauty and emotion.