Three Tune Tuesday : Dream Pop Sessions, pt II


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Part two of my dive into the genre known as dream pop...or maybe it is a subgenre? Hard to know in today's day of I'll go with dream pop. This share is part of @ablaze 's #threetunetuesday without further wait, let's dig into it.

Beach House : Myth


Another oldie, but goodie, I guess. This song was released in 2012, and is considered by some to be the gold standard of what dream pop is. It's a slow burn...Victoria Legrand's vocals most certainly build and build and build until the chorus and dissipation. The perfect start to this week's #threetunesday for dream pop. I especially appreciate the guitar outro and the sudden end.

Broadcast : Before We Begin


Another gem I recently discovered. When I first heard this song, I thought of some French electronica classic...maybe a bit of Stereolab if that makes sense. I do love my organs and distortion. Quite the unexpected gem from the early 2000's....

Galaxie 500 : Tugboat


If you remember the good old days of share of mine, you might remember my love of the almighty Spacemen 3. Drugged out and distorted, I found them in college and have listened to them ever since. A band of the same vein and era is the equally impressive Galaxie 500. This song is from 1988, probably a year before some of you were even born. This song carries that Velvet Underground sensibility to it, much like the Spacemen. Also, this carried the big indie ending of mid 80's alternative. One could argue this too is a godfather classic of what was to become shoegaze. But hold on...let's get through dream pop first before dipping our toes back into that area.

That's it for this week's #TTT; more to come next week.