Winner Music Author of the Week and New contest!


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New music winner of the week

A big round of applause for a new winner of the week! Congratulations to @hoosie for being champion with this great post:

  • enjoy your 60% part of the rewards by beneficiaries of this post.

Here the new four nominations for next round selected by @uwelang

We rotate nominating folks from the admin team now every week.

Please enjoy and cast your vote on this awesome music content


Vote for the Music Author of the Week

Some of you might have seen great new initiatives around @leofinance and other Hive folks around @OCD via @acidyo recently - all of them are a superb way to drive engagement within the Hive community and its sub communities - hence our @music-community is joining and starting a weekly poll to appreciate the so-called "Author of the week" within our #musiccommunity - every Friday we will pick the top 4 posts of the week and let you guys vote.

This is similar to former activities we handled but given there is now a support by the big guns of the blockchain I am more than happy to join and support this.

Some more details in the following!

What is the Author of the week?

Well - the best content creator, the best singfer, best DJ, best producer or what ever you decide as community - hence go here and cast your vote in the poll:

  • Moving forward "every Friday we nominate four great posts from the community and publish results of the week before

  • Posts are selected by the community curators from reputable authors and trustworthy members of the community.

  • We create a weekly poll with our four top posts as options.

  • We want you guys in the community to decide what the best content / author has been from this week, it s not us to decide - it is YOU - THE COMMUNITY

  • As a result the weekly winner will benefit by a massive reward from @blocktrades, @leo.voter and some others.

Hope this a good motivation to engage, interact, vote, post and contribute to our great Hive community.

Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community


Wow - thats awesome, I hadnt even realised that I had got nominated ! Duh - I'm shocked !


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