Rolling Beats | Vibes Web3 Music Competition, Week 9


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Hey everyone,

I'm super pumped to share my latest DJ set with you, mixed up using my controller. This time, I've curated a journey through the world of drum and bass, with tunes ranging from smooth and melodic to high-energy bangers.


With my trusty Traktor S3, I've delved into the vast universe of drum and bass, mixing tracks to create a non-stop flow of beats and basslines. From soulful liquid vibes to gritty neurofunk, there's something for every DnB lover in this set.

So, whether you're chilling at home or gearing up for a dance session, this mix is guaranteed to get you moving. Oh, and to keep the spirit of free copyright, I've used all tracks available for free download! That's right, you can enjoy these tunes easily from this Soundcloud playlist: Listen Here!

Grab your headphones or turn up the speakers, and let's dive into the world of drum and bass together.


vibes cop.jpg

A massive shoutout to all the talented artists who provided their tracks for free. Your music is the heartbeat of the scene!

Until next time, keep the bass thumping and the good times rolling, waiting for a new Vibes entry I wish you all good luck!

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