Broken Hour Glass (Instrumental) w thought πŸ’­


Here's a snippet of an instrumental I made called
"Broken Hour Glass" 🎢

| feel | πŸ’ƒ
It's a rhythmic, up-beat vibe. Layered with electric snares and an light electric kick, giving it a house/old school groove. Along with a low-pitched female voice on the hook.. because who doesn't love pitched-down female hooks.

| title | πŸ’­
The title came from the idea of passing days. How we can sometimes we spend so much energy into doing something and then look back wish it was spent differently because you "didn't" or "should've" , all based on self-perception. Sometimes leaving you still as well, due to fear.

Sometime we work on things so much that you think it HAS to work out and you get filled with hopes (representing the sand), just to find out you have to start over the next day or restructure your entire approach once something doesn't go as planned.

If you tell yourself you spent that time the best way you could, then you will be looking back at it as part of the journey, rather than a chapter which you're stuck in.

The glass breaking is not the end, but another beginning. It's about finding beauty in impermanence and the strength to craft and recreate your own narrative and path from experiences. Your hour glass could possibly have broken because you are at shore without noticing..

**Spend more time in the moment..

| visuals | πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ
The video was created using AI prompts in related to the title and description.

πŸ’› Thank you & I hope you enjoyed πŸ’™

Full beat here:

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**Sending it out! πŸ†“
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