Guitars in the attic #3 - my trusty Alhambra 7 Fs flamenco nylon acoustic


This is the third installment of my guitars in the attic series looking at my guitar collection - this time with a focus on my nylon flamenco acoustic Alhambra 7 Fs.


As with all of my guitars I select them purely on feel and sound (I look at neither name or price when selecting). I had been hunting for an acoustic guitar in Scotland in the 90s, and had visited a number of shops in the central belt and just could not find anything I liked. I was prepared to spend a decent amount of money at the time, and was trying out some pretty nice guitars.


In 1997, I then went on a lads holiday to Benidorm in Spain of all places, and while there stumbled upon a guitar shop one day by accident. I'm sure it was close to the Julio Iglesias Auditorium which had to be auspicious ! The place was full of really beautiful acoustic guitars - it was awesome. I just started trying them out - and when it came to this guitar, I just knew straight away. The neck was so comfortable, the string spacing was perfect, and it had this lovely warm deep bassy sound.


I seem to recall the exchange rate being pretty decent or something at the time, because when including a flight case I could not believe how cheap it worked out at. And the price difference compared to what I was looking at in Scotland pretty much paid for my weeks holiday - bonus !!!


I never thought too much about the guitar maker on anything, but about 20 years later I was speaking to a Barber while getting my hair cut up on the west coast of Scotland, and it turned out he was a guitar collector. So we got chatting, and he mentioned he had an Alhambra acoustic. When I told him I had one too he was quite shocked, and it turns out they are quite well made guitars and a well respected manufacturer from Spain !


The pic above is from inside the sound hole and you can see how beautiful the craftmanship is - no sign of glue or anything - quality ! And much to my surprise I've only found out tonight that its actually a flamenco model ! I dont play flamenco or classical guitar, but use it for anything else - and it sounds lovely !


Its currently hung on the wall next to my computer desk in our spare room, so its the guitar I play the most these days, as its closest to hand when I want a quick strum. I was trying to take an 'arty' shot above with the shadow of the headstock on the bed - fail !


I love the detailing on the rosette around the sound hole - quite pretty indeed. This year marks the 26th year that I've owned it, so just over more than half my lifetime (thats quite a scary thought actually !).


I probably shouldnt have posted the pic above, as it shows how dirty the fret board is ! It also gives some indication of how much I've played the thing over the years !


Also, its not common for people that play like me (rock, pop, blues) to have a nylon acoustic - everyone else I know has a steel strung - I'm the only one with a nylon, but I simply prefer the sound and the feel. The feel on the neck is massively different compared to a steel strung acoustic. There is so much more space between the strings, and the strings are a lot looser compared to a steel strung. I struggle with a steel strung, but this guitar pretty much plays itself - it feels lovely and soft.


Headstock again with the background of my Les Paul standard, and mexican fender stratocaster.

Well, I though it worth sharing another guitar story since it had been a while since my last one ! If anyone fancies picking up the guitars in the attic baton, I'd love to hear the stories about your guitars !!!!

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All the best - and keep on strumming !!



I have absolutely no idea about guitars. Even more, when I heard today that Jeff Beck had died, I first had to google who he was. And I think that you as a guitar player know him for sure.
But you can hear from your lyrics how much one can have a love for details for guitars and guitar playing.
By the way, I always thought you were about 30 or 35. If the guitar has been with you for 26 years and that's almost half your life, you're as old as me. About 46. LOL


I did know who Jeff Beck was - it was quite sad to hear about him passing away this morning. One hcek of a player - thats for sure !
And yup, I'll be 51 this year !