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Hello Hivians,

following on from our recent update, Sloth is here for the first of a new series of posts from @HMVF. Exploring the awesome music communities and projects on Hive.
Our goal with this post series is to give you all relevant information about what´s going on with music on Hive. No matter if you are a musician or music lover.
It will give you insights about a various number of topics:

  • Music Communities
  • Music Exposure
  • Music Services
  • Music Contests

Any more interesting topics? Drop us a hint!

CATEGORY - Music Service

Today we're going to look at the BlockTunes. From the Hive community to the website the Blocktunes project and $MUSIC token is supporting artists across Hive! Blocktunes offer a range of services aimed at providing 'ease of use' and accessibility to Musicians on Hive.

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OVERVIEW - BlockTunes

BlockTunes is a project on Hive and Polygon aimed at supporting music and musicians, giving artists the opportunity to take control of their work and earn through traditional and non-traditional means. Their $MUSIC token is the centre point for the music community on Hive, creating engagement and value for users on Hive.

Artists can further benefit from Blocktunes by signing up at the BlockTunes website and becoming a 'PRO' artist. You'll have access to even more tools to help you further your music both on and off Hive. From Music Distribution Services and Artist Bios to Merch and NFTs stores. Blocktunes provides opportunities for musicians to expand their reach and connect with more users worldwide.

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BlockTunes For Users is a Hive outpost aimed directly at supporting Music on Hive. From the BlockTunes Outpost/blog, to their Hive community. BlocktTunes bring music together in one place. Allowing users to find even more excellent music content on Hive and support the awesome creators utilising web3.

If you have ever used the #music tag on your post, you'll be earning the Layer-2, $MUSIC token! This token can be staked as a curation tool for more #music content, or used on the BlockTunes website to buy music NFTs. Furthermore, your $MUSIC tokens can be staked to participate in the $MUSIC token Hive distribution lottery.


If you're like Sloth and are more of a passive music fan, there's an opportunity for you to support BlockTunes and Hive music! You can delegate HP to BlockTunes and allow them to support more Hive artists with their curations, or follow the BlockTunes Curation Trail and earn even more $MUSIC tokens based on your staked amount.

Delegate HP and Earn $MUSIC
Delegate Hive Power to either @blocktunes or the @blocktunesdao and earn 0.05 MUSIC tokens for every 1 Hive Power delegated, plus receive tiered automatic votes and a follow from the @blocktunes account!

BlocktTunes For Artists

BlockTunes is made with artists in mind. Not only can you use the community/tag (#music or #blocktunes) to share your content, but BlockTunes is also one of the rare places to mint and sell your Music NFTs on Hive and Polygon. Becoming a PRO artist on Blocktunes will provide you with a host of extra benefits, an artist's 'retail store' and an official Bio page!


By utilising the BlockTunes 'PLUS' service you can increase your Music exposure with minimal effort. BlocktTunes will take all the hassle out of the process, listing your music across multiple outlets with their 'worldwide music distribution' service, whilst allowing you to retain 100% of the rights to your content! This includes all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. This is an innovation! It is the first crypto music distribution service we know.
All this on top of NFTs, Merch and professional reviews, it's a no-brainer to sign up with BlocktTunes today and reap the benefits of such an awesome service!

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BlockTunes is the one-stop shop for music artists, creators and users. With everything you could need to help get your feet on the ladder and get more exposure to your music content. Whether as a Plus or Pro user, or even just utilising the power of the Hive community and Polygon. BlockTunes opens new doors to connect and embrace the Hive music scene.


We are searching for more artists and projects to interview and promote. If you create original music (or know someone that does) get in touch and let’s set up an interview. We love music and want to see it grow on HIVE. Be a part of the future of Hive music! 🎵

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Great post! Music on HIVE will continue to grow if we all work together.
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