🎵 Radiant Gems from the Hive Open Mic 💎 Compilation #138

Authored by @mipiano

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community working for world peace through a love of live music. Each week is a new invitation to express and connect.

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) es una comunidad global que trabaja por la paz mundial a través del amor por la música en vivo. Cada semana es una nueva invitación a expresar y conectarnos.


We send a special greeting to all the musicians and friends of the Hive Open Mic! Here are our recent Radiant Gems who make the community proud and beautiful with their talent and active participation, becoming an example of Global Harmony for all.

This compilation post will only highlight work that has been valued by the OCD Community Incubation Program, which rewards our musicians with generous upvotes, taking into account our Community Guidelines.

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Hiveopenmic#162~` Mary J. Blige - Stronger (Cover) || Eng /Spa

Author: @rukkie

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Hive Open Mic, Week 162/ "El sonido del silencio" Alex Campos

Author: @rafa06

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Hive open mic week 162 || "It'll be okay" by Shawn Mendes song cover by @gloriaolar

Author: @gloriaolar

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Hive Open Mic 162 - "Space Between From Descendants" Cover

(Unsupported https://3speak.tv/embed?v=merit.ahama/ajgnkbga)

Author: @merit.ahama

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Hive Open Mic Week 162 || Don't worry about a thing (cover) by @jessicaossom

Author: @jessicaossom

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Hive Open Mic, Week 162// "Amazing", Cover by Emyekanem

Author: @emyekanem

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Hive Open Mic Week 162 || It's Okay To Not Be Okay By Chandler Moore

Author: @sekani

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The Hive Open Mic is not a contest, it is a weekly community concert of live performances promoting peace through music. The user @cabelindsay is the one who built this idea and it is carried out by a team of moderators who are in charge of maintaining order, remembering the rules and promoting healthy interaction between the participants. Those people are @mipiano, @musicandreview, @fernanblog, and @jesuslnrs.

We are grateful to the OCD Community Incubation Program, which has always rewarded musicians in our community who meet all established guidelines with generous upvotes, which basically focuses on talent and artistic expression, good quality videos that enrich the platform, the writing and design of the post and the interaction through votes and comments.

El Hive Open Mic no es un concurso, es un concierto comunitario semanal de presentaciones en vivo promoviendo la paz a través de la música. El usuario @cabelindsay es quien modificó esta idea y es llevada a cabo por un equipo de moderadores que se encargan de mantener el orden, recordar las reglas y promover la sana interacción entre los participantes. Esas personas son @mipiano, @musicandreview, @fernanblog y @jesuslnrs.

Agradecemos al Programa de Incubación Comunitaria OCD, que siempre ha recompensado con generosos votos a favor a los músicos de nuestra comunidad que cumplen con todas las pautas establecidas, que básicamente se enfoca en el talento y la expresión artística, videos de buena calidad que enriquecen a la plataforma, la redacción y diseño del post y la interacción a través de votos y comentarios.

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The official @hiveopenmic account is relatively new, created in 2022, we would like to increase our Voting Power to grant more rewards to our participants. If you like this project you can help us with a delegation using Hivesigner.

La cuenta oficial @hiveopenmic es relativamente nueva, creada en el año 2022, quisiéramos aumentar nuestro Poder de Voto para otorgar más recompensas a nuestros participantes. Si te gusta este proyecto puedes ayudarnos con una delegación usando Hivesigner.

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Join in. Enjoy!


Art by @cabelindsay | English Version by @mipiano | Spanish Version by @jesuslnrs | Edition by @musicandreview | Banner by @fernanblog