Bootleg Style Studio Mix 002

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What's up music lovers! I am back with another bootleg studio style drum and bass set complete with some turntablism and some awesome beats!

I call these bootleg style mixes because there is no audio interface involved. It's recorded with my iphone alone, so similar to someone who would be recording a live set.

Hope you enjoy!

Track List:

  1. Only Way (feat. Tasha Baxter) - Dossa and Locuzzed
  2. Eutopia - BMotion
  3. Eraser - Smooth
  4. Scatterbrain - Matrix and Futurbound
  5. Good To Me (feat. Majesty) - Brookes Brothers
  6. Highlights - Full Kontakt and Ravager
  7. Woman - North Base
  8. Down (feat. Nikki Sierra) - Sygnal
  9. Echoes (feat. Elsie) - Volatile Cycle and Barbarix
  10. Capture Our Soul - Misfit
  11. Unshakable - John B.
  12. This Lie - Jack Mirror and Voicians

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