Live Bootleg Style Mini Mix Drum and Bass Style

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What's happeing all! Here is a little drum and bass for your face for your Friday and beyond! This is the first little mini mix with the new studio setup and I wanted to try something a little different. Trying to get back in the groove so just knocking the dust off. No pre-recorded sets here! All on the fly!

I wanted to make it a bit more personal and do it kind of bootleg style and only using my iPhone to record the mix. This gives me a chance to talk to you guys because I currently don't have a mic on this setup.

Track list:
Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City) - The Prototypes
Dopeman (Remix)- DJ Aphrodite vs N.W.A.
Hey Mickey- John B
Wispers- Anfm
Only You- Kung
Running Out Of Love- Mikael Persson feat. Anders Fernette

Equipment list:
iPad running Traktor DJ app
Traktor Z1 Controller
Customized Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable
Berhinger DJM750 Mixer
Senheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
M-Audio AV40 Studio Monitors

Recorded on Facetime Camera of iPhone 11 bootleg style, no audio interface!

Enjoy the mix!

Keep calm and groove on!

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I recommend to record your face as well. You are an amazing DJ who actually mix well. But without a face, is hard to connect. Here are some other DJ I like watching mix live


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on a better angle. But I want the focus to be on what I am doing, because I have a weird concentration look when I am mixing, 😂 So there is a bit of a self-conscious thing there, 😂


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