Afritunes week 108 | S.O.L situation of life by Dassmart ( cover ) @greatgodfadaladi

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Hello everyone Welcome to AFRI-TUNES week #108 music community my name is Samuel with the user name @greatgodfadaladi

I'm excited to be here in this great community, for this week i will be performing a song cover S.O.L (Situation Of Life)

The song called situation of life is a motivational song, were he encourages young youths to take it easy on life, once there is life, there's hope. this song Dasmart also talked about his life situation mostly in his accent.
The song was released in year 2021 and the production assistance was acquired from Festbeatz.

Life can be very difficult at some point. Mine was. But if you don't lose hope and keep working towards your goals, the hardships will stop to bother you one day. Once you reach your destination and look back into the past it will all be worth it. Difficulties shape you into a person. After every night comes another day so keep thriving. And never give up.
Life will put you in danger just to test you if you can pass also difficult times


You can't even imagine how tough life can be of others. Some people are not able to walk they use tools for walking. Yet they are living fine. Some people don't have hands but are good at swimming, or at writing using their legs. you should not criticize your life and should be happy the way you look, because some people have worse life than you do, but are fighting it with a smile.

Life is hard if you tend to make it one. Take life as it is. Don’t burden yourself with negativity. Don’t let small hedge be mammoth challenges for you. Don’t think life is as easy as playing marbles but also not as hard as climbing mountains. Find harmony between your past, present and future. Don’t think too much about life Everyone is born as a warrior with immense will power and so are you.
Just focus on enjoying your life, see the positive among all negativity,

song lyrics


Call me Dasmart, yeah-yea'


Sometimes if I close my eyes, I no go fit sleep oh

Na money matter dey make me dey think oh

Mama go chop oh, papa go chop oh, ah

My mama, won ni "kin lo school oh"

Won ni "kin ka'we, kin le j'eyan oh"

Mo ka'we tan, kosi ishe oh, ah-ah-ahh


Shebi ori ni oh

Ori mi joor, gbe're ko mi oh

Oh-oh-oh, ori mi oh

Ori mi joor, sh'atana mi

Oh-oh-oh, ohh

Ori mi joor, suure f'emi oh

Oh-oh-oh, ori mi oh

Maje'n r'ogun alatako


Omo toh ro'pe kole rishee oh (omo)

Omo toh ro'pe kole ni lari oh (omo)

Omo toh ro'pe kole j'eyan oh, ah-ah-ah (omo)

Omo toh ro'pe o ma ku s'ibe oh (omo)

Omo toh ro'pe kole ko'le (omo)

Omo toh ro'pe kole r'asho wo, ah-ah-ah (omo)


Adiye tiko ku shima je agbado

If you never die, you still get hope oh

Hope oh

Work hard oh, make you know loose guard oh

Ibere aye re le koro

Sugbon, igbeyin shi ma dun, ah

Igbeyin shi ma dun, ah

O ma l'oyin, l'adun, ah


Ore re nko 'le

Ore re nra 'le

Ma shey saare ju kadara lo

B'ashe d'oni kaluku, o toh-toh ni

If I no get am today

I go get am tomorrow

Go down on your kneels and pray

Pray for better tomorrow


Shebi ori ni oh

Ori mi joor, gbe're ko mi oh

Oh-oh-oh, ori mi oh

Ori mi joor, sh'atana mi (omoomo Moriamo)

Oh-oh-oh, ohh

Ori mi joor, suure f'emi oh (k'ori iya baba mi, k'oma sun l'orun oh-oh-ohh)

Oh-oh-oh, ori mi

Maje'n r'ogun alatako


Elo fariki

Faoda, serimo sen-senburi, Malaika bura kanka buruji

Eyin Malaika, e di de

(Eri Oke Agelu oh)

Orimi, dakun ma sun

Maje k'ori o lola pe e ran nishe

Brother, if you climb the ladder

No burn the ladder

Tori, oni l'ari, kos'eni t'omo later

Ati 'gba ti Romeo ti gb'owo l'oti salo Nairobi

Aye yi ogba agidi


Life is not about what you have, it is about what you make of what you have got.
And i hope you enjoy this song as you listen to it thank you for listening.

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The way Qdot makes me feel can not be explained, he sings so well and with so much enthusiasm.

This cover is really amazing, Good job


Giving up should be the last thing we should do on the surface of earth, life is getting harder in a bit but only the tougher gets going..
You shared a valuable message with us bro..
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @greatgodfadaladi

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