Grapthar's Daily Hive Music Feature: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Wild God'


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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Wild God

I just found last night

that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have an album coming out in August of this year, and have pre-released 2 songs so far, this track and one titled 'Frogs'. I am a relatively new Nick Cave fan, having really only started exploring his discography and various bands in the last year. I had always known of him, and lots of people whose opinions I respected loved his stuff, but for some reason just never really checked out the tunes. Fortunately, that has been corrected, and since his discography is SO massive, I have a ton of stuff to slowly make my way through. This track has a super interesting chord progression, which I worked out earlier today. Each verse feels like it's in D major essentially, though we move from D to F to C to A5 (those F and C chords add an interesting tension; definitely could call that a blues influence though in the context of this song it definitely doesn't feel bluesy), then Bmin to G to Bmin and back to C, before repeating the whole thing. The Choruses are in Amin, moving from Amin to G a few times, before a build-up back to the verse playing C to D to F to G. The movement between the verses and choruses feels really natural, despite the key changes and weird borrowed chords.

Listen to Wild God by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds here...


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Wild God (2024, Bad Seed Ltd)

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for checking out my blog! Long live the Hive!

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