Three Songs with MIND in the Title. Psychedelic 60s!


Here are 3 songs from the mid/late 1960s with MIND in the title. They are all cool psychedelic songs and if you like that kind of thing, give these three a listen.

Rupert's People - Dream On My Mind

First up is a cool pop Psyche tune with aggressive guitar and dreamy vocals as one might expect from the title. They sing

Dream in my mind

despite the title having the word "on". This also has some organ and a really good bass/drums rhythm section so you can dance to it!

The Fringe - Token For My Mind

This one is a bit slower with more background ahhhhh vocals. Plenty of guitar sounding like an overdriven sitar. Droning middle section with the guitar break in it.

Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers

This is the ultimate trippy psychedelic masterpiece from Boston's Ultimate Spinach. It's slow and reverby - very well produced in stereo for ultimate mind trip while listening with headphones or with well spaced speakers.

Mind Flowers, pretty mind flowers!

The vocals are trippy but strong with lyrics to match the music. The music ebbs and flows with a constant rat-tat-tat-tat drumbeat as the guitar comes and goes. There are trippy sound effects that sound like tape slips speeding up the notes quite a bit. There are also dual guitars with one fuzzed out and the other overdriven.

The song runs for almost 10 minutes. Very long, maybe too long. You'll need to prepare yourself for this experience. Set aside the time, clear your mind, lie back on your bed with your headphones on, relax your mind and plant these mind flowers!

You are cleansed, you are cleansed, you will never hear distortion again!

I am falling into the quicksand of my troubled mind

Peace, tranquility, mind flowers!