Bad Religion- Punk Superstars and my Risingstar Report 5/21/2024

Video Credit- Epitaph Records, Bad Religion, Sorrow YouTube

Bad Religion is a classic Punk Rock band with heavy and political lyrics that I enjoy listening to. Bad Religion is a unique band with Metal and Punk undertones that is heavily focused on thoughtful and powerful lyrics and melodic harmonization. If you haven't heard Bad Religion, please give them a listen today.

Bad Religion is known for its socially conscious and political Punk Rock songs including American Jesus, Sorrow and Suffer. The band formed during the Punk Rock heyday of the early 1980s, and like Rancid and Green Day they formed in Southern California. California was a hotbed for Punk, and at the time that Bad Religion was forming in 1980 Metal and Punk were paving the way for commercially successful acts including The Ramones and The Scorpions.

The band performed an opener for the famous Punk band Social Distortion in 1980, and thus a famous and influencial band was born. Frontman Greg Graffin began his musical journey, and his unmistakable vocals helped propel the band to greatness. The band leans heavily on Punk Rock greats that came before it, but their sound is unique and beautiful to listen to. If you enjoy The Ramones, Sex Pistols and Rancid you'll enjoy Bad Religion.

After a decade of establishment, Bad Religion found their commerical break as Punk and Grunge came into the limelight in the early 1990s. Recipe for Hate and American Jesus hit the airwaves at the height of the Grunge era when Nirvana was performing in earnest in the Pacific Northwest.

Bad Religion has gone through a number of transitions, and is still performing to this day after four decades in operation. The band continues to support political causes and to create excellent tunes. I still listen to this band after over twenty years of fandom.

My Risingstar Report 5/21/2024:

I keep enjoying this addicting game on the Hive blockchain after over a year playing it. I discovered Risingstar in April of 2023, and still find new things to enjoy from the engaging gameplay to the zero-fee environment. Playing cryptocurrency games for tokens is awesome, and helps me grow more wealth on this blockchain.

My strategy remains relatively unchanged, and I am utilizing the record staking and NFT card purchasing to boost my income from the game. This idler is alot of fun, and I fully intend to keep growing by investing my time into missions ad lessons to moderate my income while also decreasing my ego score.

Have a great day and rock on 🎸✨🌠


Video Credit- Epitaph Records, Bad Religion, Sorrow YouTube