Kin of Merlin Performing "Vision Quest" at The Goodfoot in PDX 2023 - Fresh Footage & Photography

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This set was EPIC, at one of the best venues in town (Portland, Oregon), on Rhymewave's Solar Return. This show also marked the first show of our "West Coast Love Tour", which also included stops in Nevada City, San Francisco, Mt. Shasta, & Eugene. We did a bit of a circuit.

Image Provided by Burn Control Music

The @kinofmerlin footage from this show is JUST NOW being released (about a year later), and some of the most epic footage we have acquired of our Krew performing. BIG UPS to our homie Burn Control Music for bringing the lit video recording skills and equipment once again. Your efforts will not be forgotten Bredren 🙏🙏

Image Provided by Burn Control Music

The above image was also the basis for one of the elements of our song art for the Kin's recent single release (from: 4/1/2024): dubbed: Bobby FKN White.

This particular clip is a performance of our song Vision Quest, featuring Rhymewave, Odd Goggie, ELAmental, & Jasper Jade. I will be posting more videos from this epic evening as the month progresses. Let us know how you like the flows and presentations.


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Photo Provided by: M.Y.S.T.E.R.I. (Teri J-Cubs) & Animated by: @ELAmental & KoM LinkTree - for ALL updates & content

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