Mothership Cypher Ep. 7 @ The Haven in PDX TONIGHT!!

This now long-held tradition transpiring at various locations in the PNW over the past few years is known as The Mothership Cypher. This event brings together community, peoples, artists, and Hip Hoppaz of all types, and has become known as a staple of Hip Hop in practice in the Cascadian area. If there is one event that is consistently growing and happening in a way that put's the PNW on the map... it's Mothership.

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There has been a countless number of incredible artists that have performed at the 6 (so far) editions of this co-creative experience. It was hard to categorized/remember them all (there are so many), but this list addresses everyone that was featured or played a major role to some degree:

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Image Provided by: Mothership Cypher PDX

The Mothership Cypher Episode 7 happens THIS SATURDAY/TONIGHT at the Haven PDX off Taylor st. in Portland, Oregon USA. While this event has been helmed at many renowned locations/venues throughout the area, I feel it safe to say that The Haven is Mothership's home port, as the event's most frequented location.

Image Provided by: Mothership Cypher PDX

Tonight's episode is an extremely unique collaboration, as Mothership is converging with an event JaJa PDX is throwing for the Winter Lights Festival!! Whether you have been to a Mothership episode previously or not, this particular night is certain to be extra lit with Majik. Bring your Best! & Bless the Method.

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