Music with a Message - A Sample of a New Work in Progress from @ELAmental & @Alchemage


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If you ever see me having LOOOOONG gaps with posting here on Hive, it's usually because I am out manifesting life nectar, and will be sharing it here when its done... well... either that or I am helplessly depressed due to some life circumstance haha. Fortunately, lately has been the former, and not the ladder.

I have been feeling an energy of certain groups in my local communities trying to quietly push me out of spaces that I have earned the privilege of co-creating by participating in their growth for YEARS via my offerings and support. This song is a response to those energies, reminding everyone that if you are going to passively pass judgment and not confront the tales you hear directly to obtain Truth, then you better know what and who you are talking about completely, otherwise you are speaking and acting with ignorance. Not everyone can handle the Truth though, so check your reflection. If you are reading/hearing this and feel you fit in one of these categories, I am open to dialogue even if you are not, for the record.

This song will feature @kinofmerlin Emcee & long time Hivers: @ELAmental & @Alchemage
Don't play unless you are into hardcore conscious Hip Hop.


Brought to you by: @ELAmental

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