Closing the Doors on the ELAmental Underground Studio (Mark II - Riverside)


I will publish a longer article about this place and my experiences in these woods with more photos at a later time. For now, here is the video of the final day in the ELAmental Underground Studio mark II (Riverside) in Kalama, Washington. Living here has been an honor and a privledge... and not an experience I will soon forget.

Image Provided by: @ELAmental

Yet - there are still many more experiences to build with here, even in the near future. But for now I must rest my head closer to work for the next year or so, until I can afford my own piece of Riverside paradise.

I am setting the studio back up in Olympia, WA at @Alchemage's house for the Month of March, until I can find a more grounded location for me in April.


Brought to you by: @ELAmental

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