vibes web 3 music competition week 8|| a cover song of I am what you see by @delight54


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this is my entry for this week 8 vibes web 3 music competition.

most times I feel so so discourage as if I don't have any worth especially when I fail and can't be of help to the people around. I will just be so aggressive and negative.
last week I had a challenge that brought down my self esteem then in the night this song keep playing in my head and I had to search for it in Google, downloaded the song and I feel relief.

I want to see my self like Jesus sees me not like man.

LYRICS song by Bishop Paul S. Morton
Help me to see me
The way you see me
Sometimes I see pain Lord
When you see victory
I see where I am Lord
You see where I shall be
Open my eyes, help me believe
I am what you see
You see me victorious
You see me faithful
You see me believing
That you are able
You see me rejoicing
That I have survived
Open my eyes help me believe
I am what you see.

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