Música - Great street concerts with synesthetic harmony


Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. source


I honestly don't know if synesthesia is a talent or a difference that can get you into trouble, but it was a word I was curious about while watching the 2024 movie Música. But I liked the discourses about people with synesthesia; they can taste colors, they can see the color of music.

The pressures of Brazilian culture on individuals who come to the age of marriage was just one of the details of the movie that I found important and I liked the way it was handled. In the production, where love and family values are tried to be handled together, the oppression of a character under the pressure of his mother to get married is portrayed in a beautiful and funny way. In addition to being entertaining, the movie was very successful in terms of being funny, emotional and portraying the changes in cultural norms across countries.

I liked the way each of the characters reflected their roles throughout the film, adding incredible value, fun and fluency to the film, while the dialogues and the discomfort of miscommunication in some moments were successfully reflected by the characters. Especially in the dialogues between the characters, I can say that there is a balance between love, family and cultural richness.

For example, one of the characters has a nice clash of ideas about the importance of family, another about love, another about the use of freedoms. The examples given by each of them lead to the perspective that differences can actually be kept in balance as our richness rather than oppression. You are right, you are right and yes, you are right!


The way synesthesia is presented in Música is based on the harmony of the sounds that surround us in the ordinary flow of daily life. Not everyone needs to understand this harmony because for most of us it is nothing but noise pollution. That's where the ability of synesthesia comes into play and the movie suddenly turns into a musical with the harmony of the sounds in the environment.

Rudy, who has the gift of synesthesia, combines the sounds he hears to create harmonious notes and acts as a kind of conductor. Rudy Mancuso, who gives life to the character of Rudy, does a tremendous job. His greatness is not only related to his synesthesia, he was the most valuable name in the movie with his oppression under cultural pressures, his perspective on family and the way he describes and lives love.

Rudy Mancuso, who is also the screenwriter and director of the film, displays a very sympathetic appearance and funny, entertaining attitudes both in the way he portrays synesthesia and in the way he tries to make his mother accept him after his efforts to search and find love. The actor shouts out with his performance success that he can be one of the best choices for comedy and romantic genre movies.

One of the reflections of the movie that I found important was that it teaches us that no matter how dark and unknown the future is, it can be changed until the moment it happens. At the very least, it can be a powerful source of motivation for those who have lost hope for the future.


I highly recommend watching the movie Música with the whole family. You should witness the cultures of other countries in a short time and see how noise pollution can actually turn into a feast of pleasant-sounding music. The romantic scenes full of love were like a dessert after a delicious meal. Watch the movie without hesitation. Thank you very much for being here and reading. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the movie. Goodbye!

Música Fragman