"All American Rejects" Music Era 2000's


Hello dear music lovers around the world! How are you doing? Hopefully you are all doing amazing! Don't forget to keep listening to music wherever you are and anytime! :) It feels awesome to be able to travel the world with music and yeah, guess what? I’d love you all to come with me again to visit the western world, western music once again. Guess what music I will recommend to you this time?

Yes, the All American Rejects. All American Rejects is a musical group from the United States formed in Oklahoma. This music group is in the alternative rock / pop-punk genre. The personnel of this musical group consist of Tyson Ritter (vocals and bass), Nick Wheeler (guitar and backing vocals), Mike Kennerty (guitar and backing vocals), and Chris Gaylor (drums). To date, The All-American Rejects have released several studio albums, namely The All-American Rejects in 2002, Move Along in 2005, and many more.

This time I will take one of their albums that resonates with me the most and is my favorite of the 2000s, the Move Along album. I think Move Along is the best album of All American Rejects. It is the second album from The All-American Rejects, hereinafter abbreviated to AAR, which was released in 2005. This album produced 3 singles; Dirty Little Secret, Move Along and It Ends Tonight are the most popular and much liked by music lovers. This pop-punk genre album is the album that put AAR on the radar.

Dirty Little Secret is the opening song on this album. In my opinion, this song is the most popular AAR song, a simple but very catchy pop-punk song. We seem to have heard both the chords and melody in this song quite a lot in many other pop-punk genre songs.

I really like vocalist Tyson, I think he is very cool, not only his style and appearance are cool, but his voice is high, rocking, and I know that just talking normally, his voice is already good, furthermore singing! Hehehe. Fyi, Tyson's voice when he lives is NO DIFFERENT from his voice on recordings!

Move Along is the next song on this album. I really like this song because from this song, I started to know and like AAR. This song is a little different from the previous song in that I think it would be suitable for a film soundtrack, don't you think?

Ahh wait a second I just remembered that this Move Along is one of the soundtrack movie of “She’s The Man” and I have seen that was an awesome movie! This song is also one of the popular songs from AAR. In contrast to songs that focus on love issues, this song tells the story of the will to continue living no matter how difficult things are. But what makes Move Along a highlight of the All-American Rejects' discography is the fact that it refines what was established on their debut, adding depth and sophistication to their songwriting.

The next song on this album is entitled It Ends Tonight. Different from the previous upbeat song, this ballad song tries to give it a different color. AAR vocalist, Tyson Ritter, always introduces this song as a song that tells the story of wanting to kill one of our colleagues. This song tells the story of a member of their tour crew who is bossy and becomes a burden during the tour. At first, I thought this song was for couples but it's actually about friends' relationships. But, again, it depends on you who listen to it and enjoy the song, it's universal.


Most of the songs composed by All American Rejects deal with themes of love, self-doubt, and youthful negligence. Songs such as Too Far Gone use sympathetic orchestral backgrounds, while other songs include Drive Away, My Paper Heart and One More Sad Song prove that loud guitars and sad feelings can make great rock & roll music.

The last song and which is no less cool than the songs I mentioned earlier, is entitled Gives You Hell. Maybe some of you have heard this song, right? You may try listening to the song on YouTube that I will show you. This song was quite popular at that time, with its upbeat rhythm, eye-catching tunes, and distinctive AAR rock music, this song was able to compete with previous songs that had been hits.

One interesting thing is that not long ago, vocalist Tyson collaborated with a talented young male singer named Lil Huddy. They worked on a song called Don't Freak Out. What's more interesting is that this song was written by two icons of pop punk and alternative rock in the 2000s, who doesn't know Travis Barker (blink-182)? and of course with Tyson Ritter joining the partnership on a song by the American TikTok star, Lil Huddy.

The Gen Z artist seems to be inviting his musical role models along with his latest single. There is another collaborator on this single, named young rising star rapper Iann Dior. Well, in a collegian project that seems big because it includes three musicians at once, Lil Huddy has also produced a song that seems to break genre boundaries. With a drum beat from Travis Barker, emo-style vocals from Tyson Ritter, and Iann Dior's rap, Lil Huddy seems to have packaged a song that combines pop-punk, hip-hop, and electronic characters.

This song is not coincidental, the music and the tone almost sound the same as the song Gives You Hell AAR. If you don't believe me, then you may listen to the song yourself! Let’s check that out! ^^

One more thing you shouldn't miss, I almost forgot! Acoustic versions of popular AAR songs are no less cool! I am sorry that this video is not a good quality yet :)

That's all the AAR music that I recommend you to listen this time music lovers! I hope you all like and enjoy it. Thank you to everyone who always supports me in writing in this community. I hope you are healthy and happy, and don't forget to always listen to music wherever you are! ^^



All videos used were gotten from #YouTube


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