#RockClassics - Happy birthday - Metallica - Kill ’Em All



today marks the birthday of Kill ’Em All, the debut album of Metallica. My friends know that I love Metallica.

For me, this is the birth of Metallica as a band and as a gender to follow.

It is also the first Trash-Metal album. Metallica is not the first band to play Trash-Metal, but the first to bring an album with Kill ’Em All on the market.

It is the album, where Dave Mustaine is present. He was replaced directly after the album release with Kirk Hammett.

By the way, Kirk Hammett, was coming from Exodus, the first Trash-Metal band, but which did not manage to release an album prior to Metallica.

Kill ’Em All became a hit only after the release of Master of Puppets.

I understand why, because Master of Puppets is for me their best album. Also, the peak of their career.

For me, the best song is Seek&Destroy from this album.

Happy birthday and happy listening!