#MusicQuiz - What do they have in common? part XIII -10 HIVE price



last two weeks, in this post and this post, I announced another round, where the riddle was tougher than usual. We have a winner under @xrayman, who was inspired to give the right answer, as all songs, or at least the albums these sings are presented, have been recorded at Musicland Studios, in the town where I live, Munich.


Today, there will be 10 Hive for grabs, but this time different. 10 Hive is the total pot, and any sound comment from a normal user, will get a share of it. If there are 2 people commenting, each get 5 Hive. So, @whywhy, @xrayman, @bil.prag and maybe @trumpman will try a shot at it.

Please leave a comment on how to improve the quiz? Shall it be easier, tougher, different? What kind of music topics shall it tackle?

Concert vs studio versions?

Bonus point if you know why I have chosen this song.

Remastered or original?

Will remain to rock, like Uriah Heep:

Related to a special date, or event?

Or some of the band members have an interesting background:

I try to put music that I like, that can fit to #rockclassics or #metalweekend, by my friends, @uwelang and @detlev, where @uwelang might be a secret hint for all of you.

If you want, we can add more #music types.

Good luck everyone! And have fun!


Hello @alexvan !

And thank you so much for tag me in your post. Sorry for the delay at the reply, but I'm struggling with some extra work, and the time f being off grid (Hive) is huge... making for the moment almost impossible to be more active, and to engage with the community...

Nether-less, since I'm probably the last one from your followers to had jumped in to your #MusicQuiz, I'll drop my opinion.. If there is something valid about it! Ahahaha

About the general difficulty of your #MusicQuiz, I have the personal opinion that it has to have some difficulty in it... I personally like to "struggle" to find a connection point between the clues that you post... No meaning that the prize would have to be HUGE (like the one that I've got 😂)

About the versions, it mostly depends, usually I stick with the original studio or even concert version of the song (that makes my mind travel in time, just by clicking on "play" simbol on the screen... Isn't that magic, how music connects thoughts, dreams, difficulties, time, and feelings that we have many years ago,, or even in the same week???!!! MAGICAL!)

About that, i think that you balance very well the number of original/versions of the great songs that you hand pick... or ear pick! Ahahah

The remastered version, if it a official release, it usually makes the original even more strong, but some situations, you might want to add a extra spicy bitter, giving the music a all identity that it only gets when the original is played.

I love to have a theme/date/event that makes your choice, or the music even more significant, or giving the music/performance and extra layer of meaning (lyrics, images, etc). What do you think about it?

About the song "Like a Stone" of Audioslave, being a fan of the grunge band groups that appeared in the late 90's (I've born in the late 70's), i don't have a "guess" about what made you choose that particular one... I just remember that their first album was a rush for being produced and released, and counted with the recording of it in 4 different music studios... (I have to check this one... Ahahah)

Finally i just have to thank you to join in on publications a lot of good music!

Rock ONNNNN!!!