#MusicQuiz - What do they have in common? part XII - 25 HIVE price



last week, in this post, I announced another round, where the riddle was not solved. I will keep the same riddle for this week, and will add more details. Maybe @whywhy, @xrayman, or @bil.prag will get the answer this time. Might be that @trumpman will try it also.

I know that the challenge is tough, and this is why I keep the price of 25 Hive and will add more details. It is also the favourite from all the challenges till now, as I try to make it somehow connected to what I like, or small stories from my life.

I chose this version of the song, not the one from the original band, as they've been featured in the previous post.

Queen was featured last time, Freddie is linked solo also on the quiz:

Will remain to rock, like Uriah Heep:

Well, this is not rock, but Falco rocked:

But let's close it with some glam rock from the 70's:

Hope that someone will connect the dots, as all the above and post from last week are related in some way.

I try to put music that I like, that can fit to #rockclassics or #metalweekend, by my friends, @uwelang and @detlev, where @uwelang might be a secret hint for all of you.

Good luck everyone! And have fun!


Hello, @alexvan ! Since a long time I have been off the grid (Hive community). I hope to became more active in the next weeks!

Well, I must confess that this #MusicQuiz was pretty hard to connect the dots of the several dots that you placed in both posts..

Let me try to take a chance (No reference to ABBA... LOL)!

What they have in common is that at least one of the members of those bands/musical groups recorded a album in Musicland Studios (Munich, Germany).

I hope that I solve this one..

  • Ian Gillan Band (singer of Deep Purple)
  • Freddy Mercury (Queen)
  • Uriah Heep
  • Falco (Austrian singer) I was so in to that famous song of him, "Rock me Amadeus..." Ahahah
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Donna Summer
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Iggy Pop ("China Girl" is a song written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie in 1976 and recorded also in MusicLand Studios)
  • Deep Purple
  • Rainbow

I hope that I get it right!

I love your #MusicQuiz the videos and link that you post makes me revisit my youngster times!