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do you like to go to concerts? Well, I do. I was going since the Communism Iron wall fell. My parents took me to some concerts, when I was little, mostly to rock and classical ones. When I grew up, after 18, I started going by myself.

Sometimes in my youth, I imagined staying in the music and concert world, especially in the club/DJ world. I like all kind of music, from rock (all genders) to classical, from rap to electronic music. Like during my university, I was a hard core clubber. Starting with Tuesdays, was almost every day in a club, bar, or concert hall till Saturday. By the way, till my 30s, I did not drink any alcohol.
Like this, I managed to get connected with a lot of people from different genders. Ok, not so connected like my friends, @reiseamateur and @andyjaypowell, but somehow, I could have imagined living a life full of music. Mostly the connections have been around electronic music, starting from England, to the Netherlands, Germany, and the Eastern Europe.

As I love rock music, went to a lot of the events, but here it was a little tougher, as the bike gangs have been controlling the scene, and the bikes that I have been riding, did not fit in. Just an example, the gangs were on Yamaha XV, and I was riding a Buell XB9S, which is not compatible. But nevertheless, rock music was there.

Now, I go mainly to rock and classical music concerts, and sometimes to other events, if friends want to go, or some customers. Last concert was two months ago, where we went to the Munich Philharmonics, with our kid. He loved it, especially the piano part. He loves the sound of it, and we try to teach him this at home.

As a fun fact, my real experience in here started after going to the same concert without knowing of someone who became my friend during these years. You can read it in here. It was a Guns N'Roses concert in 2017, and it was amazing to be there. It was so good, to see this guys playing for 3 full hours without a break. Great feeling, which always brings me back to concerts.

How about you? What music do you like? Do you go to concerts?

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